This is the story of Jack, the official "Stray Dog".

    Jack was rescued by The Michiana Humane Society after being found tied to a tree with his two brothers at the age of three months. Marjorie and Ivan Bloom were very fortunate to have adopted this dog before someone else, and The Michiana Humane Society was very fortunate to have taken him in. In the year 2001, Jack would become a bigger legend when family friends, Marc and Leslie Danesi, opened a new restaurant in New Buffalo, Michigan and called it, "The Stray Dog Bar and Grill". 

    Jack took it all in stride and kept an attitude of gratitude. Jack is not the only animal to feel this gratitude, but all rescued animals have it. When people asked what type of dog he was there was no direct answer.  Marjorie and Ivan would just say, "a lucky dog". He went with Marjorie and Ivan everywhere and on February 26, 2009 they had to let him go. He was nine and a half and suffered from cancer.  Jack's spirit also lives on through the huge success of The Jack Fund this past summer. Annually, The Stray Dog Bar & Grill will raise funds for strays by selling "The Jack Fund" t-shirt.  

    Suzanne Frazier painted a portrait of Jack, that hung over the fireplace in the restaurant before the fire, and luckily enough, that painting was the only thing that was virtually untouched during the fire. The lucky portrait of Jack is again hanging in its place. 

    So when you want a dog, make a visit to a local shelter and see what they have to offer. You can't go wrong and your pet will be forever grateful for the opportunity you are giving to live it's life. Go visit, and even if you can't adopt a pet today, volunteer your time to walk, groom, or make a donation. You will feel better in the day knowing that you made a difference for one animal. Anything is better than nothing.

The Jack Fund was started by Madeline Danesi in 2010.  A t-shirt in honor of Jack, who was the "Stray Dog".  The t-shirt design depicts a very happy Jack on the back of the shirt with both The Jack Fund & The Michiana Humane Society represented (as well as Sit! Stay!).  

A new t-shirt is designed annually and the profits from the sale of the shirts are donated to various animal charities.  Madeline's desire was to raise funds to continue to fill the needs of the many unwanted, unloved, and abused animals. She was aware that unwanted pets are filling the shelters and they need to be taken care of until they are adopted by a lucky family.

Since it's inception, The Jack Fund has donated over $12,500 to animal charities. 

                 Madeline Danesi - 2010 Jack Fund Shirt

                 Madeline Danesi - 2010 Jack Fund Shirt

The Stray Dog Bar & Grill has had the good fortune to have known Jack and the luck must have rubbed off on us.  

In 2013, Nicholas Danesi designed a lucky dog t-shirt for The Jack Fund.  The design featured a four leaf clover and the the lucky number 13, for the reopening of The Stray Dog Bar & Grill and Jack.  Both were very, very lucky!!  

Nick & Ulee

Nick & Ulee